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This is my page dedicated to Frida!

Frida has, and always will be, my favourite member of ABBA. She is sophisticated, smart and so beautiful !
If I could meet one woman in this world, it would most certainly be Frida.
This is a draft of a letter I do wish to send to Frida one day:
Dear Frida,

I have been thinking of you non-stop throughout the weeks now.
I am entangled in a dream web of ABBA, and I am spinning round and round in it and it`s never going to snap or get tighter.
But most of all, I love you more than anything in this world. You are my friend. I don`t have many special friends in this world, because most betray me in some ways, but with you its different. ( I do have two very special friends on this site)
It`s like we have met before, when I hear your voice, or see you on TV or in newspapers. It`s a different world when I think of you. It`s a different life with you in mine.

I don`t know how I ever got on in life without you in it. Before I heard your angel voice, I was a mess. But your voice, personality, you radient beauty is like a healing potion, you are like the goddess of the world, you helped me Frida, and I don`t know how I could ever express my gratitude.

Maybe one day, when I visit Switzerland, or even Sweden, I hope I will bump into you, because it is my only wish on my shining star that I meet you. Or see you in real life. I don`t care if I see you behind glass, or through binoculars, or seeing you from a mountain or seeing you as I drive by in a car, at least my eyes have captured the beauty of you, and captured you image, and SEEN you.

I don`t know how to describe how much I love you Frida. You are my idol, you are the picture I stare at before my bed time, you are the star that shines outside my window in the night. You are a part of me Frida.

God bless you, Anni-Frid Synni Reuss/Andersson/Lyngstad.
Forever more will my love be for you.
I love you Frida, forever, and if anything ever happened to me, it will still be true.

God bless you.
Natalie xxxxxxx
P.S Thank you for turning up to the Mamma Mia! celebrations. You made my dreams come true.

Frida has been through such a lot in her life, yet lots of people don't respect that.
If people could just open their eyes to what she has suffered through her childhood and through her motherhood, then you should get a pretty good idea.
The majority of people only see her as a celebrity, but she is so much more ! She works for environmental campaigns and she helps out a lot of charities !

It would be my ultimate dream to meet Frida, and Frida, if you ever come across this page, I love you.

Pretty, elegant, my love.

My Story About Meeting Frida!

It was a late Sunday night, my mother was going up to bed, and because it was the helf term, she allowed me to stay up on the computer, and kissed me on the cheek.

"Not too late," she said.

Being a teenager I just planned to go on chatrooms all night and listen to ABBA with earphones on, full blast of course.

So, without further or do, I slammed The Definitive Collection into the disk dive and began playing.

I was happily swaying to the music when, further into the tracks, Fernando came on. I loved this song, so I turned it dowm, because I can hear Frida's voice better. And I had a banging headache.

But all of a sudden, there was a knocking at the door. It was raining quite hard outside, so I decided to open it. A bit silly really seems it was so late, but maybe it was somebody who needed help?

I edged open the door, to see a tall, beautiful woman beaming at me.

All of a sudden, I knew who it was.

My eyes opened wide, my heart was bouncing off the walls of my ribcage. It was Frida. Frida from ABBA.

"Frida?" I stepped back, "Frida? Is that you?"

She gazed up into the light.

"Hello, not interrputing anything am I?"

"Frida? Would you likt to come in?"

"Thank you sweet heart, bless you."

I couldn't believe it.

I had let the woman I most cherished in my whole life into my house. This was unreal. This was just not happening. I needed to lie down.

"What are you doing in Britian?" I asked.

"Just thought I'd see you, Natalie. I was browsing the internet, and seen the ABBASite. I found your topic, the letter to me. Its was beautiful."

She knew my name. She knows my name. She said my name.

"Would you like a drink? Or some warm clothes?"

"Yes please and yes please!"

She was smiling. She never stopped smiling since she came in.

I got her a drink and some nice warm clothes, she slipped them on over her wet ones.

We talked for 3 hours non-stop about ABBA, Sweden, Britain, television, fashion and lots of little things in between.

"Where are you going now?"

"Back to Sweden. I must say a few things about you though. You are kind, funny, energetic and very in love with me! If you would like to send me some letters personally I would be happy to write back."

"Really Frida?"

"Yes, of course darling. I must go now."

I held onto her hand as she got up.

"Wait. Please."

"Yes?" she beamed again.

"Frida, I love you. I meant everything I said in that letter. I love you. You are such a wonderful person. You are my favourite person in the whole world."

She drew me into her chest and we hugged.

She sniggered "are you obsessed with me or something? Would you like a gold statue of me?"

"I wouldn't mind it Frida."

We both laughed. Yet, I broke into tears.

I looked up at her beautiful face. She wiped my tears with the sleeve of the jumper I gave her.

"Bye darling."

"Bye Frida, I will never forget this."

I shut the door. And she was gone.

My favourite picture of Frida

I love you Frida

Frida now, still beautiful

My Poem to Frida
A voice so soothing it sends me to sleep
A radience so blinding it blinds for weeks
A smile so cheery I feel really sweet
A presence so near, like a kiss on my cheek.
Frida my only love from ABBA, the band
I wish one day I could hold your hand
You sing like angels have swapped your voice
It's something deep, and there is no choice.
There is only 1 sweet Anni-Frid
There is only one voice that comes from within
Anni Frid Lyngstad I'm obsessed with only you
You give me a feeling, that makes me so new.
I love you Frida, without a doubt
All about you I could not live with out
I wish I could meet you for just a while
So sweetheart, I can see that beautiful smile.

Frida photo shoot, looking beautiful!

Waiting on the stars
I was waiting by a shining star
Up in the dark sky
Around about midnight.
I was waiting for the one I knew
Up by the moon
Now on the shining star.
She was flying with two angel wings
Up across the moon
Waiting on the breeze.
It was like waiting for the midnight express
The express that brought the dream
The train that brought the excitement.

Recently I have been through a hard time in my life,
with the family, and myself, and, Frida has helped
me through it of course ! Thank you Frida ! I <3 you! 
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Anni Frid's Family!
Father ...........  Alfred Haase
Mother ........... Synni Lyngstad ............. Born June 19,1926 .....Died Sept 28, 1947
Step sister ......Karin Haase................... Born 1943
Step brother ...Peter Haase............ .......Born 1947
Married ....... Ragnar Fredriksson ...On April 3, 1964.. Divorced May 19, 1970
Son ..........  Hans Ragnar Fredriksson:...Born Jan.26,1963
Daughter.......  Ann Lise-Lotte ...............Born  Feb. 25, 1967 .... Died Jan. 13, 1998
Married ........  Benny Andersson......On  Oct. 6, 1978 ... Divorced Nov. 26, 1981
Step son.....Peter Grönval (Benny's son) Born Aug.20. 1963
Step Daughter...Helene Grönval (Benny's daughter)Born June 26, 1965
Married.......    Prince Ruzzo Reuss ..On August 26, 1992 .......... Died Oct. 1999
Step daughters..  Twins Henriette and  Pauline  Reuss....Born 1977
Grandson  .. ..Jonathan Casper (Lise Lotte's son).............Born 1988
Granddaughter..... ? (Hans daughter)
This is Anni-Frid's beautiful daughter, who sadly died on the 13th of January 1998.

Lise-Lotte, so beautiful, just like her mother

Everyone greatly misses you Lise-Lotte, you are a beautiful young lady. Bless you, you have a loving, caring, brilliant mother who is so much more. Rest in peace darling, we ALL love you, and greatly miss you.

Frida!!! Frida!!!