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ABBA together during filming

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Please send me mail ! I am now giving shout outs to the ABBA members, and what you'd like to say to them, then I'll send them off to ABBA ! Please ! They would really appreciate it !
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Natalie XXxxXXxxXXxxXXxx
Here is my message to Abba members:
To Benny and Bjorn, thank you for the music, so many wonderful songs, you guys truly rank right up there with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, and Justin Hayward in my book of greatest songwriters.
To Agnetha and Frida, thanks you for singing the songs of Abba to perfection, and looking so supremely beautiful on all the Abba videos. Agnetha I have been crazy about you since I first saw you on tv in the mid seventies, your beauty is overwhelming and I love your singing on such classics as SOS, The Winner Takes It All, Lay All Your Love On Me, One Of Us, to name just a few. Thanks for bring me hours of pleasure enjoying the music of Abba, Love, Pat.